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Queensland’s top 20 under 40 entrepreneurs and business leaders

It takes a lot to stand out from the pack in Queensland’s crowded business scene. Everyone included in this year’s Top 20 Under 40 list has done just that. It’s the fourth year QBM has devoted an issue to profiling some of the most inspiring and innovative young entrepreneurs and business leaders in the state.

This ‘makerthon’ wants you to solve problem for people with disabilities

Engineers Without Borders Australia is running a ‘hackathon with a twist’ in Queensland to produce a working hardware prototype to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Awarded young engineer tapped to work on cutting-edge army drones

A blend of engineering expertise and military training has bagged aerospace engineer Stephen Bornstein a role in the race to design the next generation of army drones.


The International Anti Poaching Foundation are using drones to take down Africa’s poachers

Africa’s poachers need to watch their backs now The International Anti Poaching Foundation are using UAVs to catch them


Royal Flying Doctor touches down near The Lodge

Playing being a pilot was the most fun (it was difficult to prise girls out of the cockpit to give others a go) because children got to sit in the two-person cockpit and to hair-raisingly "fly" aeroplanes that came up on two screens.